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Gallagher Law Firm is totally committed to working very closely with current and future timeshare owners, helping them save thousands of dollars. Whether it be reducing the amount of timeshare debt you owe or assisting you with getting out of your timeshare contract all together, we do it all. Our many years of experience in the industry allows us unparalleled access to resources that will help you solve most timeshare problems while saving you money. We totally understand the pain and frustration owners go through trying to get out of a timeshare contract they didn’t want in the first place.

Assist owners in every way possible

We have helped owners save thousands of dollars through the timeshare services we have to offer.

Meet Owner's needs within their vacation budget

We have more than 50 years combined experience as professionals

Outstanding service reputation in the timeshare service industry

Our dedication and commitment is to timeshare owners


Navigating in today’s challenging economy, we understand a timeshare may be the last thing anyone would want to keep.

We understand timeshare developers' tricks, many of whom are owned by mega corporations whose only goal is to sell you more and more timeshares and collecting your and your children's money for the rest of your life!

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Mr. Charles E. Gallagher has been engaged in the practice of law for over thirty-two years during which time he has been recognized in the areas of real estate law, contracts, and commercial litigation.

While still in law school, Mr. Gallagher worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services writing appellate briefs for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia.

In 1987, Mr. Gallagher became Vice President of Legal Affairs for one of the fastest growing food franchise companies in the Southeast. In 1989, Mr. Gallagher was tapped to serve as General Counsel to a worldwide hotel chain, and in 1991 he accepted the post as General Counsel to a national mortgage company. By 1994, Mr. Gallagher entered private practice, whereupon, he ultimately participated in more than 20,000 real estate transactions and successfully litigated against Fortune 500 companies.

Today, Charles E. Gallagher focuses his practice on successfully representing clients who wish to be relieved of the financial burdens related to timeshare ownership.